A Village hub project

Representatives of five breeders' associations from Bosnia and Herzegovina gathered at the end of December 2021 to jointly discuss the existential problems faced by all breeders in BiH. Summing up the common problems, they concluded that it is necessary to invite all domestic and international institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina that can help domestic producers to introduce EU legislation in the BH livestock sector as soon as possible. This would significantly strengthen the status of breeding organizations in the country and contribute to the economic empowerment of people living in the countryside. Farmers passed a two days training on breeders organisations, including presentation of local and EU legislation in this sector. 

Joint conclusions and initiatives have been adopted and resend to a number of local and international stakeholders operating in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Erbez Consulting has been engaged in this project as a provider of expertise (education of farmers) and in the coordination of the project implementation. 

Those activities have been conducted as part of the project: Village hub- strengthening the CSO sector in countryside.

This project was implemented by the Dairy Farmers Association of the Republic of Srpska, supported by the Balkan Civil Society Development Network, and financed by Sida. 

A project video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esd3539EaII&t=184s 

Objavljeno  11.01.2022.