New Czech Program of the Development Cooperation

Czech Republic support to Bosnia and Herzegovina


Support to dairy farming in Phillipines

Project funded by Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade


The 3. birthday of Erbez Consulting



New opportunities for vulnerable groups in BiH

Support of the Czech Development Agency


Support for female home-made cheese producers

Improvement of conditions for cheese production in Bosanski Petrovac


Support to the farmers of Sanski Most in Diversific...

USAID Sustainable Tourism Project


Development of dairy sector in Philippines

Cooperation with the Czech partners


Quest for the forage species

Cooperation between New Zealend and Bosnia and Herzegovina


Saradnja sa uzgajivačima lipicanaca u Srpskoj

Potpisan sporazum


The outlines of our ideas emerge in the plains of ...

Beef cattle housing


Podrška konjarstvu Republike Srpske

Lipicanac na poštanskim markicama Pošta Republike Srpske


Prilika za investicije u poljoprivredu BiH?

Naša sigurna luka


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EU4Agri support for Bosnia and Herzegovina


A Village hub project

Strong breeders' associations are the key for EU integration in agri-food sector


Mission in Padej in Serbia, completed

Project for beef cattle housing delivered


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Europe and Central Asia


Priče iz Afrike, Sijera Leone IV

Planina Lavova - Priča IV


CSOs in rural areas?

A possible solution to stop the demographic collapse in Western Balkans


Priče iz Afrike, Sijera Leone III

Planina Lavova - Priča III


Priče iz Afrike, Sijera Leone II

Planina Lavova - Priča II


Priče iz Afrike, Sijera Leone I

Planina Lavova - Priča I


Vision and mission

Erbez Consulting started operating in July 2020 with the aim of offering some new solutions and some new services in the field of agriculture, mainly livestock and rural development. Our company offers professional and technical services in the field of project preparation and implementation. Together with our colleagues from the architectural and construction professions, we are preparing projects for the construction of facilities for housing cattle, sheep, and goats. We offer breeding organization services and provide support in starting new farms.

Erbez Consulting offers also professional support to national and international initiatives aimed at eradicating poverty and inequality around the world.

The Philadelphia Declaration of the International Labor Organization in 1944 stated: “Poverty everywhere is a threat to prosperity everywhere.” 

The terrible migrations of recent years around the world are just proof that there is still much to be done to make the world a better place to live.
As it is at the global level, it is similar at the local or regional level. Developing countries most often struggle with two levels of migration, migration from rural areas and migration from the state. Huge areas remain uninhabited on the one hand, while on the other hand certain areas become overcrowded.
And then the pollution of the environment, the planet, usually increases, the quality of life of people and flora and fauna decreases.
Some middle ground between everything is still unattainable.
Erbez Consulting's vision is to provide support in creating some better times, through investments in knowledge and skills. Especially people in remote areas and in developing countries.