Support to the farmers of Sanski Most in Diversification of Activities

The goal of diversifying the rural economy is to improve economic performance, which is important for sustainable growth and development. In this sense, it is important to strengthen rural households against price fluctuations, damage caused by sudden climate changes, and the like, in order to ensure a reduction in the vulnerability of the household itself. One of the possibilities for the diversification of rural households is the expansion of the offer through agro-tourism.The Sanski Most has natural prerequisites for the development of agro-tourism, which, unfortunately, are still not sufficiently utilized. On Wednesday, February 8, 2023, together with our partner company DevCon, and representatives of the USAID Sustainable Tourism project, we discussed this with Sanski Most farmers.

In the behalf of the Erbez Consulting, Miljan Erbez PhD talk to farmers about Diversification of rural income, concepts and importance. He also mention why is diversification of income in the countryside necessary nowaydays especially on small farms. Dr. Erbez showed some succesfull examples of income diversification in the countryside, from other parts of teh country and the world. farmers had opportunity to learn about value and agri-food supply chains. As the rural planning has an important role in the economy of rural areas, Mr. Erbez discussed with farmers about the local strategic documents and implemented and exercise to understand the involvement of farmers in its preparation and implementation.

After the workshop, the participants had the opportunity to visit the local winery Tatarević.

This activity was organised by NGO SLUP from Sanski most and supported by USAID Sustainable Tourism project. 

Objavljeno  13.02.2023.