Mission in Padej in Serbia, completed

At the end of December 2021, Erbez Consulting successfully completed the submission of documentation for the construction of facilities and the organization of breeding in a herd of 550 cows with the following categories of beef-cattle breeds. The client was beef farm Ninkov d.o.o., Padej, Municipality of Čoka, Serbia. The proposed solution used a modernist approach to herd organization. The solution involves the use of three types of buildings or elements in the area where the cattle are located. There are two stationary ones, namely winter shades and feeding shades. The third is an movable, summer shade. Ninkov Farm is not a typical farm for breeding in the calf cow system, given the limited grazing areas.
This documentation was prepared in collaboration with the architect Ms. Tanja Trkulja, PhD, the company Agro Campus from Novi Sad, Serbia and the architectural bureau Linija d.o.o. from Banja Luka, RS, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Objavljeno  09.01.2022.