New opportunities for vulnerable groups in BiH

In the past two days, ten municiplaities in Bosnia and Herzegovina was visited by representatives of the Czech Embassies in Sarajevo and Belgrade and representatives of the Czech Development Agency from Prague, through the initial part of the project called "Support to families threatened by poverty in rural areas of BiH", which will be implemented in next few years.

The project envisages connecting socially disadvantaged groups of people who live in rural areas and engage in agricultural activities. The goal is to provide support in terms of improving their economic conditions, and in order to ensure an increase in the income they get from this production and exit from the zone of social need. In this sense, value chains in all municipalities will be analyzed separately, in order to direct the support in the right direction and ensure the sustainability of production on these farms.

The project also includes support to local services in charge of social welfare and agriculture, and other institutions in order to improve governance of local governments.

In this project tehre will be included next municipalities: Čajniče, Novo Goražde, Rudo, Istočni Stari Grad, Kupres, Glamoč, Drvar, Bosanski Petrovac, Bosanska Krupa and Trnovo, which are all extremely underdeveloped.

The submitter of this project idea is "Erbez consulting". Organisation of this initial visit have been supported by Republic of Srpska Extension Service and RRS Drvar. 

Objavljeno  16.06.2023.